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Twenty Reasons to Believe

Something powerful happens when a woman shares her story. 


She feels seen, heard and a little more understood. It unlocks something quite profound and helps others too. 


This is true for women across the world. We have this in common. 


In Kelley Chisholm’s book, ‘Twenty Reasons to Believe’, she shares 20 stories from women in rural Rwanda who are part of the Self Help Group (SHG) approach.  


Not sad stories. But stories of courage, hope and possibility.  All with colour, inspiration and beautiful storytelling.  They will inspire you about what’s possible for women in the Developing World and encourage you to act.  You'll see their remarkable capacity and want to cheer them on. 


You'll read 20 stories that show how it's possible for women to create a different future for themselves and their families.  And they will inject courage into your own life. And that’s something we all need. The courage to live out our every day.


This book is the perfect inspirational gift to share with others.


All profits from the book will fund more self-help groups for women in Rwanda.


Twenty Reasons to Believe

  • Hardcover: 110 pages 

    Size: 150mm x 150mm 

    Published: December 2017 

    Author: Kelley Chisholm

    Photography: Geoff Bartlett

    Artwork & Design: PHLY Design 



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